MikropendulumS watch


An exclusive TAG Heuer patented technology: the first ever magnetic double tourbillon

The TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulumS is a TAG Heuer Carrera MikrotourbillonS with 2 magnetic Pendulums replacing the hairsprings, one f…

The TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulumS is a TAG Heuer Carrera MikrotourbillonS with 2 magnetic Pendulums replacing the hairsprings, one for telling time and one for timekeeping. Composed of 454 working components and based on unique TAG Heuer-patented technology, its watch chain turns at 12Hz and its chronograph chain turns at 50Hz (60 minutes power reserve). The chronograph tourbillon, the world’s fastest, controls the 1/100th of a second, beats 360,000 times an hour and rotates 12 times a minute. The case is forged from a revolutionary material based on chrome and cobalt used in aviation and surgery. It is fully biocompatible, harder than titanium, easier to shape and as luminous as white gold. The case design, with its stopwatch-like placement of the crown at 12 o’clock, is based on the 2012 Aiguille d’Or winner and the TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder. The two tourbillon Pendulums and their solid rose gold bridges (18K 5N) are visible through the fine-brushed anthracite dial.


THE TAG HEUER CARRERA MIKROPENDULUMS is based on another one-of-a-kind innovation from the grand masters: the Carrera Pendulum (2010), the world’s first escapement to work with magnets instead of a traditional hairspring.


Still, the original TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept posed problems that many thought insurmountable. In particular, thermal sensibility: magnetic fields are influenced by temperature differences, which affect performance. Over the last 3 years, however, TAG Heuer’s scientists and engineers have worked on this problem, experimenting with new magnetic atoms, metal alloys and carefully dimensioned and machined geometries. The result is a new overturning of conventional wisdom: an invisible, magnet-driven spiral that moves the balance wheel at a low amplitude and high frequency that ensure a perfect accuracy and stability. Overall, the magnetic oscillator’s performance comes close to matching traditional hairsprings of the highest quality. Even better-it is much easier to manufacture and impervious to shock, gravity and geometric deformations.

Functions & features

Movement dimensions
  • Total diameter: 35.8 mm (15 3/4’’’)
  • Total height: 9.82mm
454 components

2 tourbillons pendulums:

  • Watch: 86’400 Vibrations per hour / 12 Hertz / 3 tourbillon rotations every minute – 71 components
  • Chronograph: 360’000 vibrations per hour / 50 Hertz / 12 tourbillon rotations every minute
75 jewels
Power reserve
  • Watch: 24 hours
  • Chronograph: 60 minutes
Properties of display
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Central hand 1/100th of a second chronograph
  • Chronograph minute at 12 o’clock
  • Chronograph second at 3 o’clock
  • Power reserve at 9 o’clock
Mechanical features
  • 1/100th second chronograph function
  • 2 tourbillons pendulums
  • Automatic bi-directionnal rewinding system

Case diameter: 47mm